Friday, August 25, 2006

Which Congress?

Glenn Greenwald points out today that Congress should have to give their seal of approval to military action against Iran. This is definitely 'old school' thinking, Bush himself must feel that his powers include that of making war, and he's not amenable to having his feelings disputed.
Still, it would look better to all involved if there is some kind of approval from Congress, there is still the small matter of funding this new adventure. So far, Bush has not claimed the power to allocate moneys from the federal budget (though he could take what's left in the Iraq kitty, and challenge Congress to let our soldiers starve), so I think some Congressional action is called for, even in our brave new world.
There's not too much time before the election. Is the administration willing to wait until a new, possibly Democratic, Congress is seated? I'm not saying that they couldn't be bulldozed, it's just that is would complicate things and Bush likes to keep things simple (like this blog).
So, are we going to see a resolution presented in Congress before the election? I think yes, but I have been wrong several times before.


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