Monday, October 09, 2006

Ali Mohamed

The Foley affair has accomplished one thing that the administration must enjoy, it pushed the Woodward book back in the news cycle and the blogosphere. In particular, the July 12. 2001 meeting between Condi and Tenet opened up areas that cry out for more analysis.
The news that the meeting was known to the 9/11 commission, but not included in the final report has revealed the commission as a fraud and its report as a political cover-up, designed to absolve everyone from blame (except the purported hijackers and Bin Laden), and to blind our eyes to the questions that weren't asked, and the events that were not investigated.
I've no particular theory about what happened before, during or after 9/11, but I am now convinced that there has been no real effort by the government to find out what happened, and a very real attempt to present a narrative based on political considerations.
One of the strange stories that seems to cry out for an explanation, that I had only a passing awareness of, was the role of Ali Mohamed. He was a U.S. citizen, an operative for the CIA and FBI, and a member of the U.S. Army. As an article at Global Research explains: "The 9/11 Report mentioned him, and said that the plotters against the U.S. Embassy in Kenya were '“led'” (their word) by Ali Mohamed. That'’s the Report'’s only reference to him, though it'’s not all they heard."
There's a lot more in the article, put on your tin-foil hats and go and read it. Especially interesting is the role that Saint Patrick Fitzgerald has played in it since the early days of the '93 bombing of the WTC.
I had been wondering why there has been push back against 9/11 investigators lately. Might this story be one of them?
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