Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Beautiful Mind

Joshua Muravchik, a resident 'scholar' at the American Enterprise Institute has a neat idea that he tells us about in the LA Times. Bomb Iran. For Joshua, there's really no choice and it's all as simple as one, two, three.

While he briefly considers some possible blow-back in Iraq, that, for Joshua, just has to be accepted. When you're a AEI guy, death and destruction are what happens to the little schmucks on the ground, scholars are way above those ugly thoughts.

Evidently, they're way above thoughts about oil, too. Yes, Joshua loftily fails to mention what an attack on Iran might do to oil prices and the US and world economies. In a 1500 word OpEd the word oil never soils his lips.

As a topper, before he returns to his tower, we learn that now we have a chance like it was 1917 and we could have crushed the Bolsheviks and made everything better; these opportunities don't grow on trees so let's not blow it again.

If and when we do bomb Iran, it will be a catastrophe that will make Iraq look like Grenada. But by then Joshua will already be plotting the next attack. That's what makes American Enterprise so enterprising. They're always thinking ahead.


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