Saturday, December 09, 2006

Thanks, Glenn

I was going to write a post today about the ISG and what it meant and didn't mean about future US policy in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. However, before getting to work on it, I read Glenn Greenwald's post and it says just about everything that needs to be said, so read it!

Just as an additional thought, Glenn notes that Marty Peretz of The New Republic calls Baker an anti-Semite. This comes on the heels of Jimmy Carter being called an anti-Semite. While the charges against Carter have been well publicized in the media, I've heard no one defend him. The fact is, the US media does not allow any discussion of US policy in the Middle East that has even the mildest criticism or questioning of Israel and its policies. What makes this particularly annoying to me is that the Israeli press is free to have these discussions. It's just another example of the media's 'dysfunctional conduct'.


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