Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I find myself coming to a conclusion that departs radically from the wisdom of most the left-wing bloggers, and certainly will never be mentioned in the MSM.
Basically, the conclusion is this: there is NO WAY that Cheney's cabal is going to give up power at the next presidential election.

Just to clarify, my take on the American political power structure is that money has always been (in modern times) the bottom line, there has always been an understated or unstated consensus, based on money, that animates the two political parties, the differences have always been overstated and used to control the points of political discourse.

Now, I believe, that consensus has been broken, not from the Democratic or the Republican parties, but on the part of a relatively small slice of the Republicans, and a smaller one of the Democrats.

Under the guidance of the Vice President, they have consistently worked to undermine the institutions of the Federal bureaucracy, the courts, and the media. They now have people in key positions in all of those areas.

The doctrine of unbridled executive power has been the main facilitator of this process, and it's clear that this power now remains dependent on just one event, the presidential election. The election, if allowed, could put someone outside the cabal in the position of unchecked power that the cabal has created.

The Cheney cabal has roots in the past, linked other episodes of executive lawbreaking: Iran-Contras, the other dirty wars in Central and South America, Vietnam, Cuba, the deep states in Turkey, Italy and other countries. Many of the same actors in these previous acts of lawbreaking are back. In the past, they went underground and waited for a new opportunity. The consensus exonerated them after some hand-slapping, they were useful after all. This time though, the mechanisms are so huge, the lawbreaking so blatant and so obviously contrary to the above mentioned consensus that is dependent on the rule of law (through money), that there is no going back, no more going underground.

We've almost two years left with the illusion of a republic to be maintained. Congress, the courts and the media are all desperately hiding their eyes from the spectacle to come, and if they can maintain the illusion through this next election it will be the greatest feat of legerdemain in the history of that art.

I don't think it can be done.


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