Sunday, February 11, 2007

Congratulations are due

Well, the 'weekend evidence' has been recorded and the media is trying to make the best of it to justify a war with Iran.

For a good summary of just how sketchy the information that was presented is, and the absurd manner of its presentation, I recommend this post by NewsHog.

The persons with the info, three 'senior defense officials' that presented the evidence remain anonymous, but that, to our shepherds of public opinion, is SOP, it probably even makes it more believable to them, after all who wants to put their name to the truth?

It must be a sign of my lack of fitness as a journalist that I find it unacceptable that these people are granted anonymity by the likes of Joshua Partlow in his WAPO article 'Iran Sending Explosive to Extremist Groups in Iraq, Officials Say'. Joshua swallows it like honey.

Unfortunately, this 'evidence', justified and certified by the media, will be used to allow an attack on Iran under the Iraq AUMF. This these brilliant reporters will not tell you, at least for now. The whole media act is being done this way so that Bush can say to Congress, "You already said yes".

So congratulations, war enablers Michael R. Gordon, Joshua Partlow, et al., you've done your work again, your duty, like four years ago, though Judy Miller's style of breathless hysteria will surely be missed.


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