Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Laura Rozen of War and Piece has an excerpt from today's testimony by James Comity. It describes the scene around AG Ashcroft in intensive care as Gonzales and Card try to get him (Ashcroft) to sign off on warrantless wiretapping.

Laura then concludes with this, which is right on:
Gonzales comes off as an almost sinister figure in Comey's account. But think of this too. That these events transpired almost three years ago, yet until the opposition party came to power in January, the Republican led Judiciary committee never bothered to seriously investigate these events, indeed the warrantless domestic spying program that Comey and Republican appointee colleagues deemed without a legal bases has still not been seriously investigated. In so many ways, the system hasn't worked, democracy truly failed under one party rule. It's the Gonzales yes men who have triumphed over the Comeys until and even now.
Meanwhile, David Stout of the ever so serious NYT describes the scene as 'titillating'.


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