Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Fed to the rescue!

Seeing is believing, but it might just be that this time the $25M is on its way to North Korea. China Hand speculates that an order was given to Treasury to find a solution to the impasse, and supposedly the solution is to 'launder' the money through the Fed, yes that's the Federal Reserve Bank. Commenter David to the same post at China Matters says the money is already on the way, and he's got a good track record.

We'll see if it's in the nick of time, but fearless Republican lawmakers are questioning the deal. I guess they're asking if Treasury can undo something Treasury has done, and they're asking the GAO to rule on it which is somewhat ironic since the Republicans, the Bush administration and Cheney in particular have ignored the GAO as much as humanly possible.

Is that the final volley from the Cheneyites? Will the deal go down? Stay tuned!


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