Monday, April 14, 2008

Free ride?

In an article that is a masterpiece of historical and strategic obtuseness, AP reporter Anne Flaherty explains that "Iraq's financial free ride" may be ending. That holy grail of politics, bipartisanship, is moving to make Iraq pay to rebuild their devastated country, buy the fuel for the US military in Iraq, fund the so called Awakening militias, and perhaps even pay a share of the colossal corruption that the US taxpayer has been so selflessly financing.

The odd thing about bipartisanship, apart from the cheerleading in the press that greets it, is that the policies it espouses are even more stupid than the partisan policies. It ain't easy, but they do it. The thought of Maliki funding people who would gladly and cheerfully cut his throat sails by without comment or reflection.

Arriving from the moon and reading the article, one would think of Iraq as a prosperous, tranquil country that has been sponging off of the US due to its foolish but incredibly generous nature. About four million refugees, around one million dead, continuous bombing, electricity for few hours a day is just not worthy of comment by our congresscritters, or our reporter. Perhaps they did just arrive from the moon?


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