Thursday, May 08, 2008

Black days

We like to be light hearted around Blog Simple, it's in our mission statement and all, but sometimes it's hard. The idiotic race for the Democratic nomination, the super-airhead McCain waiting to be king, the stock market euphoria over free government money, they all go to blacken our cheerfulness. But we could be resilient if we could join with the rest of our countrymen in forgetting the benighted nation of Iraq. Forgetting the current mayhem in Sadr City.

It seems easy, the MSM, the 'progressive' blogosphere all have other concerns, and there is, truth be told, a dearth of 'hard news' from reputable sources.

Why can't we just forget it, since we don't really know what's going on?

But we do know, all of us, don't we? It's mass murder.


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