Sunday, July 13, 2008

Um, America

Get ready to bend over and take it, once again.

Yes, the super-wonderful laws of the marketplace have decreed that you need to bale out the richest people in the country so they won't suffer the consequences of having set up a kleptocracy that has already stolen you blind. Let us watch the Democratic Congress fall into line to bail out private interests, evidently the Fed has other patients that need its tender mercies (can you say Lehman Bros.?).

Yes, you are paying thieves for their bad investments with your money. Your slavish obedience to your masters, greased by your paranoid fear of the terrorist boogieman has made you nothing more than prey to your so-called leaders. And to top it off, your blind faith in an economic philosophy, neo-liberalism, that places greed and cheating on the top of your pantheon of gods, has come back to ream your backside with a gold studded baseball bat.

What can we at Blog Simple say but, "ENJOY!".


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