Saturday, September 06, 2008


President Cheney is exposing other world leaders to EHS (Exploding Head Syndrome) on his current trip. A man whose policies have been a disaster for his own country continues to pretend that they have been a success. His policies of murder and plunder have destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia while he accuses others of threatening peace. His contempt for democracy and the rule of law oozes from his smirking face while he continues to lecture others about democratic values. He issues laughable warnings, and the Russians laugh. Only the New York Times still genuflects before his supposed gravitas.

While Georgia is his latest triumph, he may still have time to push the Ukraine off the cliff. Weaklings like Merkel, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, and Brown may pay lip service to his rantings, but they have no intention of following the US on the merry road to ruin. You can almost see the counters in their heads ticking off the moment until he and Feckless Leader ride off into the sunset.

Unfortunately for them, McCain may be even more dangerous, even if he's less loathsome. Until Europe learns to stand up for their own interests, they'll continue to risk EHS, and worse.


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