Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wrong foot

The blast at the Islamabad Marriott raises all the usual questions with attacks of this nature, the perpetrators are in little pieces, credit is taken by unknown groups, and the news media tells you what to think, hey, it's their job.

China Matters brings up some interesting points. First of all, he links to an interview with Nawaz Sharif (in the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica) who is obviously a very important political leader in Pakistan, but who is basically shut out of the US media reporting on Pakistan. The summary at China Matters gets the gist of the interview.

Then there is the matter of US marines being stationed at the hotel. That would put their lives, as well as other guests of the hotel at risk. Was that done with the knowledge of the US ambassador, or was the DoD off on their own? Hopefully, they weren't dumb enough to think they could keep that from the Taliban (for want of a better word).

So whatever Cheney has up his sleeve for the next months in Pakistan is still anyone's guess. But whatever it is, it seems to have gotten off on the wrong foot.


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