Saturday, October 11, 2008

Times change

Remember when the big news out of Treasury was when they were busy throwing wrenches into the six-party talks. How times do change.

The big news this morning is the unlisting of N. Korea from the 'state sponsor of terrorism' list. This follows a trip by Christopher Hill to Pyongyang. Despite this being a climb down by the US and thus a feather in the cap for the DPRK, its main effect will be allowing N. Korea access to the world banking system.

Yes, that system that is now melting before our eyes.

The Japanese are pissed, supposedly, since they still want more info about past kidnappings, but that doesn't fit with fact that they did sign off on the agreement back when it was originally struck. Unless they knew that the US was going to raise the inspection issue at the time, a possibility.

But one diplomatic success for Condi and Feckless Leader is a zillion times more than zero diplomatic successes. Hurrah!

Oh wait, I forgot Libia. Two! But only a 100% increase.


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