Monday, January 05, 2009

Blogging Blagojevich

The shadow play surrounding Gov. Blagojevich and his appointee to the US Senate continues.

First, Fitzgerald was given another three months to obtain an indictment against the talkative Gov., after he started a what amounts to a political campaign to get rid of him. Blog Simple has already speculated that this has been an indirect attack on Obama, and while that's unproven up to now, the bizarre nature of the whole case, plus the involvement of Saint Fitzgerald, has done nothing to refute said speculation.

Next, Blagojevich's appointee, Roland Burris is off to Washington to claim his Senate seat. That's despite Harry Reid's sort of adamant contention that Burris will not join the illustrious club. But Burris's appointment was a shrewd move by Blagojevich that shifted some of the pressure off of him, and onto Reid. Now Democrats have to lacerate each other, while sucking up to Republicans to present an image of bipartisanship. Harry Reid is one of the worst and weakest political leaders of this decade, getting him out of the spotlight should be one of Obama's highest political priorities.

So once again, Obama remains the victim of the situation. Like Gaza, he can't speak up without pissing someone off, so he stays with an unsatisfactory silence that pleases no one. Fitzgerald and the judge have kept the case in on the front burner, without getting an indictment that would require him to put his cards on the table. Could it be that the cards are not good enough?


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