Monday, January 19, 2009

Great moments in diplomacy, part 3412

Hopefully, the final Condi Rice edition.

To somehow make the end of Israeli's slaughter in Gaza even more splendidly wonderful, Condi and Livni signed an agreement that the US and Israel would cooperate to end smuggling into Gaza.

After being humiliated by Olmert a few days earlier, Condi probably felt the need to humiliate someone herself, and who better than El Supremo of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak. If the US can't humiliate Egypt when it gives them $2.2bn per annum, what's all the money for, anyway?

See, Condi and the Israelis neglected to get Egypt's agreement, and since all the smuggling starts in Egypt, the only way the US and Israel can stop the smuggling is to go into Egypt. So Mubarak is pissed, and busily drawing red lines that cannot be crossed, ever, unless more money paid. If nothing else, this little episode might prove expensive, but that's no longer Condi's worry.


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