Saturday, February 07, 2009

Honeymoon's over

My, that was quick.

We've kept our mouths mostly closed over Obama's picks for his team, even as they went from bad to worse, spiced up by the idiotic tax problems that no one but the media gives a shit about. Signs and symbols, indeed.

But now we are seeing the policies the team is picking come into form, and they are hardly different from Bush/Cheney in all the major areas. The economy is being run by a subset of the same zombies, in David Sirota's words, that brought us to this point.

With the wars and foreign policy it is, if possible, worse. The talk of talk with Iran is just talk, talk, talk. There is no change in policy, Biden says were going to have to be more 'aggressive' in Iraq if we want to pull out in 16 months, and the pull out is still resisted by our holy generals, blessed be they. In Afghanistan, an eight year old war that never had any purpose, except for shooting off a bunch of munitions (and as Rumsfeld complained), there's nothing there worth shooting at anyway. But the war is now set to continue, ad infinitum. There is no end game.

Obama is already in a box. The only way out is to start to lead, and try for a way out of the collective box. To follow the same policies that got us here is cowardice, and it's also madness. We're at a time when one must to the necessary, or do nothing. Obama seems to have opted to do nothing.

UPDATE: Is this true? Note that the article is completely unsourced. Time will tell.


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