Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I, and probably you too, cannot make this shit up.

UBS, the largest bank in Switzerland, agreed on Wednesday to divulge the names of well-heeled Americans whom the authorities suspect of using offshore accounts at the bank to evade taxes. The bank admitted conspiring to defraud the Internal Revenue Service and agreed to pay $780 million to settle a sweeping federal investigation into its activities.
OK. Big Swiss bank gets whacked hard for defying the US tax gods. Well-heeled names will be divulged. Ho hum. But then this follows:
It is unclear how many of its clients’ names UBS will divulge. Federal prosecutors have been examining about 19,000 accounts at the bank, but UBS ultimately may disclose the identities of only a few hundred customers.
Now, if you can read that article and get some idea of whose name might be divulged, not to mention why, I'll eat my Blog Simple baseball cap.

Who shall be pricked next?


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