Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Tomorrow's dueling speeches by Obama and Cheney regarding 'national security' continues the farcical hoopla about Nancy Pelosi's torture record, the danger to America from Gitmo's finest, and Obama's pressure on Israel.

It's the US at its bizarro best, barrels of ink, giant clouds of hot air, and the sanctified halls of Congress echoing the cry, 'we all going to die' in a splendid bipartisan chorus; all serving only to hide Obama's unswerving continuance of Bush/Cheney's policies from the befuddled public.

Sure, Cheney's pissed that he'd be on the front lines of any torture investigation, and Obama's release of the torture memos rubbed that in his face, but he knows that there will be no investigation. He may feel the need to reassure his henchmen still in the bureaucracy that he has their back, but by now they know that Obama has it too.

In a sane world, Cheney, the AEI, Netanyahu, etc. would all be cheering on this administration from the depths of their black little hearts, but in this year 2009 the sane world is, if nothing else, quiet as a mouse. The lunatics have the stage.


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