Thursday, June 18, 2009

G'bye Dan

Hope to see you again soon.

Dan Froomkin, daily on-line columnist for the WaPo was canned today. That's despite a large readership and much influence around blogtopia. He is, in my opinion, a straight-shooter, not given to exaggeration, careful about details and clear in his reporting.

Naturally, those qualities identify him as 'left' though he's been non-partisan towards most things except lies and bullshit. When Bush was in office he got a lot of flack for being an example of the 'liberal media', but he kept his job.

Since we've entered into the age of Obama, he's kept his reporting on the same keel, relentless in exposing the ever increasing lies and hypocrisy of HopeChange, but still maintaining a non-partisan approach to issues.

So now he's fired. Why?

We can speculate about political pressure, but I think this was an inside job, the Post dumped him because he was seen as attacking Obama from the 'left', and that's not what's wanted. Obama is to be attacked from the right, anything to the left is going to marginalized and then banned from 'serious discussions'.

Stop the wars, single payer health insurance, accountability and transparency in government and finance are all off the table, the purview of radicals and nuts.

Obama is happy, the maddog Krauthammer types are happy, and a rare voice of sanity is silenced.


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