Monday, August 10, 2009

You want MORE?

The news that the newest honcho in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McCrystal, believes that the US is losing the war there, seems to be the first salvo in a call for increased troop levels.

Current spending is said to be $4bn a month, since each soldier in Afghanistan costs double of those in Iraq, look for total spending to increase even if troops are just transferred from Iraq. The good general also calls for increasing the size of Afghanistan's army and police, something that will go on the bill as well.

Meanwhile, over at Abu Muqawama, the COINistas are setting down their reasons to continue and expand the war, leaving out, of course, their own self interest. The only real reason is always the same, 9/11!, haven for terrorists!, and this will endure to the end of time in their curious worldview. Abu himself adds regional stability, without explaining how occupying Afghanistan will lead to regional stability. There is also no mention of the fact that these justifications are not sufficient under international law, and that they could be turned against just about any other country in the world. But they seem very pleased with their efforts.

So MORE seems to be in the cards. There is no reason to expect that the Commander in Chief has any ideas other than those fed him by the generals, expect a significant escalation in the upcoming months.


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