Saturday, October 10, 2009

Run, Peter, run

More comedy gold.

Peter Galbraith, ex-UN diplomat in Kabul, scourge of the Afghani elections, fired by his superior for what appeared to be insubordination but held up as the Last Honest Man, seems to have some explaining to do and he seems to be in a rush not to explain:.

Peter Galbraith trying to escape from journalists in Bergen on 8 October after having been confronted with the Tawke revelations. Scan from Dagens Næringsliv, 10 October 2009

There goes Peter, hopping down the bunny trail, hippity-hoppity...

It seems that Galbraith, before his job in Kabul, worked in Iraqi Kurdistan where he was (along with Joe Biden) an enthusiastic supporter of Kurdish independence. What he didn't mention was that he had a five percent stake in the Norwegian oil company that was trying to make a deal directly with the Kurds, bypassing Baghdad.

Read the whole article, it's a definite eye-opener, and also the comments on it by the always excellent Helena Cobban, who gets my hat tip.

So far, this has been reported only in the Norwegian press, and the evil blogs. It will be interesting to watch its path in the world press. I'll be watching.


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