Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flesh colored kids that glow in the dark...

it's easy to see without looking to far that not much is really sacred.
-Paraphrasing Bob Dylan's It's Alright Ma, (I'm Only Bleeding)

Japan has taken the bold step of raising permissible radiation levels in schools twenty times.

The government argues the new rules are essential to keeping schools in the Fukushima region from being forced to close.
 It's actions like this that show the true face of neo-liberalism. Kids need an education, right? If they develop a few tumors down the road that's just bad luck, maybe that radiation is doing them a lot of good, too.

According to the US based Nobel Prize winning group, Physicians for Social Responsibility, the new limits mean exposed children now have a one in 200 risk of getting cancer, compared with a one in 500 risk for adults.


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