Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun in Egypt

US support for democracy/military dictatorship appears to have has struck a reef in Egypt, the government there stopped some US citizens from leaving the country, following raids on their organizations in Egypt.

The International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute are what in the usual parlance are called NGOs (non-governmental organizations) but are really what used to be called a den of spies, agents of a foreign power that subvert or support governments upon instructions from their masters.

Letting these agents do their will is now a condition for continued US aid to Egypt, worth around $1.3bn, or so says President Drone. What the clowns in the administration (and the NY Times) seem to forget is that the main reason for the aid is not to allow the US to pick and choose the rulers of Egypt, but to maintain the Egypt/Israel peace treaty.

So before Obama starts cutting off aid, he'll probably get a call from Bibi Netanyahu, telling him to pay up and shut up. No wonder the Egyptians are acting uppity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recall the stories of USMilitary in Vietnam who killed entire villages including women and children, toddlers and infants.
Unashamed vet in the public sector, SUPPORTED BY YOUR TAX DOLLARS, earning six figures/year. This history should have affected the family business as well.
How many Vietnamese babies did he kill? More than 50?
If him and his buddies were making jokes they may have made a game out of it, perhaps wagering, and the competition could have resulted in a very high number.

2/11/2012 11:36 PM  

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