Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Pat Lang has a post by Richard Sale, the UPI reporter. Sale reports that 'administration sources' say that 'the dimensions of the catastrophe has finally sunk in' to Dear Leader in reference to Iraq, and that he will possibly announce troop withdrawals (after the election, natch).
He goes on to say that Bush is 'increasingly pessimistic' about attacking Iran, though he was gung-ho earlier in the year. Military briefings have changed his perspective, we're asked to believe.
However, Cheney is still pushing for an attack, though Bush reportedly is 'more skeptical of Cheney' since he noticed that Cheney's earlier Iraqi project is in the shit-can.
Let's say I'm not convinced. Cheney has always called the foreign policy shots, and Bush may have listened to Powell or Condi for a few minutes but the bottom line is that Cheney, by hook or by crook, gets his way. The big non-surprising news here is that Cheney still wants to attack Iran. I think the big question is: When?


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