Friday, January 26, 2007

Our good buddy

The Asia Times remains one of the best places on the web for in-depth analysis of global events, and it is refreshingly lacking in the Euro-American-centric lens that mars the US and British press.

There, M K Bhadrakumar has an analysis of the current maneuvers to bring Pakistan into a more prominent role in the region by giving them more leeway in Afghanistan, and by promoting Musharraf as an essential partner in the GWOT.

It takes a good amount of double-think to make any sense of the US policy, as the article makes clear, but I suspect that this is the 'strategy':

1. Use Pakistan as part of the Sunni alliance against Iran.

2. De facto recognition of a role for the Taliban, provided they skip their spring offensive, possibly including them in a share of the 8 billion dollars heading to Afghanistan.

3. Keep Musharraf in power by reducing political tensions in Pakistan over the repression in the tribal areas on the border.

As the article notes, developments are proceeding at an elevated level in these days. Operation Iran is getting closer, quickly.


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