Thursday, January 25, 2007

Petraeus and the Pledge

Signs that some Republican lawmakers have sworn off the kool-aid and are questioning both the wisdom and need for the 'surge', the right-wing blogosphere has been mobilized to hit them where it hurts the most, the pocketbook. By taking the Pledge, unanimity will be enforced in the GOP.

The authority for the pledge, oddly enough, comes not from Feckless Leader, or Darth Cheney, but from the new poster boy of our excellent adventure, General David Petraeus who agreed with Joe Lieberman's question that opposition to the increase would 'encourage the enemy', though he kindly gave his permission to Congress to discuss such treason.

In my view, it's unfortunate that General Petraeus does not understand his role in a democracy, such as it is, and lends his voice to quelling dissent. If he really believes that the Iraqis that risk their lives fighting the US are going to be encouraged or discouraged by this bullshit surge, and isn't just toadying up to his masters, he's dangerously delusional and unfit for command. But let's face it, getting ahead in the army means lying on command.

Gen. Petraeus is bound to go far.

Glenn Greenwald has an excellent post on the Pledge.


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