Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Far East Follies

Very interesting article at Counterpunch, discussing the North Korea agreement and how Japan, and especially the PM Abe, got stiffed by their buddies the US. At least in that part of the world, it seems that Cheney has lost some of his mojo. Can it be that's why he's on a trip to Japan and Australia, or does he just want to get away from the Libby trial?

Of course, it's just speculation about Cheney, one of the features of the ongoing fiasco of US foreign relations is that you can't tell who is in charge, if anyone. The only one we know is not in charge is Feckless Leader himself, since he's too busy remembering his lines which is hard.

Condi's last trip to the Middle East being a case in point, why would she sit down with Olmert and Abbas, the first high level meeting with the US, Israel, and Palestinians since 2003, and come away with nothing, not even a post-meeting press conference of all three. I smell sabotage, and blaming Cheney has its logic, but we'll have to just wait and see.


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