Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gangsters 2

Uri Avnery points out the MO of the gang currently running Israel, as well as their motives.
As he puts it:
Both in foreign and domestic relations, Mafia methods reign: violence, sudden blows, targeted eliminations.

When these methods are applied by a politician haunted by corruption affairs, an uninhibited war-monger who is fighting for survival by all means available - this is indeed a very dangerous situation.
He hasn't gone as far as to suggest, as I do below, that the gang is basically the same as that running the US and Britain.

But Israel is in a far more precarious position, and the Israeli people are the most directly threatened by this lawlessness. What causes me to strike my head on the keyboard is the belief, shared by many people I know, that unquestioning support of this gang makes the Israelis safer when the opposite is true.


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