Monday, February 26, 2007

Stuff and nonsense

Sy Hersh has a new NewYorker article that has a lot of material about our upcoming adventures in the Middle East. If you're not convinced that the US is going to strike Iran and happy that way, don't read the article.

Cheney's been off globe-trotting, dropping in on Oman and Pakistan after the planned and seemingly not very welcomed visits to Japan and Australia. As Froomkin notes:

President Bush has all but vanished from the national and international radar. But Vice President Cheney is everywhere and in the thick of it all.

His credibility may be shot, he and his boss may be lame ducks, his signal achievement -- the war in Iraq -- may now be almost universally disparaged, his former chief of staff may soon be found guilty of multiple felonies, but it would appear that rumors of the vice president's demise as a political force have been greatly exaggerated.

The NYT continues to promote the Iran is attacking our troops in Iraq thesis. Today's article, without a byline by Michael Gordon but with his contribution, once again lacks real evidence, but that won't stop them from publishing justifications for war because, I suppose, that's what they're good at.

I'm hoping against hope that I'm a poor and paranoid prognosticator, but I see an attack coming this spring, probably in late March or April.


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