Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Some random thoughts on the state of the country and the world under Feckless Leader.

OK, the bus careening down the hill, it's getting steeper, the driver is unconscious and the passengers in the front are fighting for the wheel that comes off in their hands. The only thing that prevents total pandemonium is the fact that the other passengers are blindfolded.
That's my image of the Cheney administration and the US at this point in time.

  • Abu Gonzo is toast, the National Review just called for his resignation.
  • The Justice Department is in full in-fighting mode, everyone is trying to save their own skin.
  • The FBI breaks the law as a matter of course.
  • Bush is fighting to save a war everyone hates.
  • The housing market is dragging the economy down.
  • The Saudis and the Jordanians, our best friends, won't come to dinner.
  • The N. Korean deal is still blocked by the Treasury Department.
  • Iran is holding hostages again.
  • Nuclear Pakistan is falling apart.
And that's just a few things we know about. Six years of MSM enabled stealing, lying, and secrecy have undoubtedly led to domestic excesses beyond our imagination, and looming international disasters that are not yet on the radar screen. If we make it to May without an attack on Iran I'll start to believe that we might make it without that final insanity, but I'm really edgy about the current moment. Does it show?


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