Thursday, May 24, 2007


The Democratic Party, emboldened by their election victory against all odds, the machinations of Karl Rove, the press, and Joe Lieberman, celebrated their triumph the other day by rolling over and being Feckless Leader's bitch once again.

It's no surprise, but I still feel disappointed that the show was so pitifully lacking in drama. True, take a look at almost any congresscritter and you're looking at a spineless, mendacious, mercenary sack of shit with an expensive haircut that would sacrifice their electorate and the nation for a fat campaign contribution or some time on camera.

Look who's still in Feckless Leader's corner, after all. All the big money and thus all the big media still prop up and mop up after one disaster after another, saving just enough time to mock John Edwards for his haircuts and speaking engagement fees, or Al Gore for being fat.

So the best and safest thing for the Dems, in their frightened little world, is to lay low, don't rock the boat and just try to keep enlarging their share of the trough. The wars won't go away and might even be helpful in '08. The meltdown of the military, the installation of a banana republic Justice Department, the continuous erosion of the middle class, and the marginalization of the poor are things that can wait, too.

Making a stand is more than difficult, it's impossible when there is no conviction that things can change, that they need to change. The blind American public is led by bozos with their heads up there collective asses and it's going to have to get a lot worse before they'll bother to notice. But all the lies we're spoon fed on a daily basis will be paid for, and the more the day of reckoning is postponed, the higher the price will be.


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