Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cheney in chains

The floodgates seem to have opened up on our dynamic VP, unquestioned leader of the fourth branch. The WaPo continues today with part four of its four part series, which, for all its flaws is a must read. They also have an OpEd today by Sally Quinn who says that Republicans all want to be rid of the now toxic Cheney.

Ms. Quinn shows her beltway insider credentials by proposing a replacement. Guess who? Right, the next President, Fred Thompson. Why not give him some warm up time as VP, especially since now that is the most powerful position in the country, as I'm sure Liz Cheney has informed him. Why Thompson, you may ask, but Quinn has the answer:
Everybody loves Fred.
Even you and me, though we may not yet be aware of it. Talk about insider knowledge, Ms. Quinn must frequent cocktail parties by the dozen to get that smart. Why a VP needs to be loved is something the OpEd left unanswered, perhaps another installment will clue us in.

Still, I remain unconvinced that Cheney is done. He may be down, but he is not yet out. He has peppered the government with people who answer first to him, and then, maybe, to their superiors in the supposed chain of command. His policies have been challenged with success only in the case of the N. Korea talks, and that game is certainly not finished. And there remains the question, who will take him down?

Please, do not say Feckless Leader. The WaPo series presents the dynamic of the Bush/Cheney relationship as one of Cheney being able to guide Bush on policy. That overlooks a key fact, that Cheney is de facto Commander in Chief. He was on 9/11 and I have no reason to believe that he is not to this day. It's hard to believe that someone with their finger on the button is going to be ousted by John Warner, or whoever other Republican clown that speaks up, without a serious fight.

If anyone can win that fight with Cheney, he will be forced to take his place. Bush needs hands on management, leaving him to his own devices is simply too risky. That was the whole flaw of putting a half-wit in the Presidency, he will always need a keeper. The people who put him in office obviously got more than they bargained for with Cheney, they might get even more with Cheney's successor.


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