Thursday, August 30, 2007

Break out the Old Spice!

We've got work to do.

Blog Simple's prediction that Fred Thompson will be the next elected President came that much closer to reality as he will announce his candidacy today.

Despite glowing accolades from the creme of Washington punditry for his masculinity and voice tones, Fred has taken some lumps lately as small minded bigots have noted that he's got a reputation for being lazy, and his public appearances of late have shown him to be distracted while he has failed to grip his audience.

But that stuff is petty and pointless, Fred's acumen is shown once again as he will be appearing on Jay Leno just as his pitiful rivals (Mitt Rummy, John McCrazy, and Rudy Groundzero) tear each other to shreds trying to prove that they can be as gruff and tough as we know Fred to be. Lots of luck, losers!

PS The WaPo article linked to above shows that not all the media loves Fred. The photo, showing Fred's supporters in front of a veggie corndog stand, is an insult to Fred, his supporters and a great American snack. I bet Fred would never eat a veggie corndog, nor would I.


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