Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Surging to defeat

It is clear that the chief target of the 'surge' was always Congress and the American public. While its military component was also necessary, it was completely misstated, militarily it was necessary to prevent disaster in Baghdad. The 'benchmarks' that it would allow the Iraqis to achieve were always farcical, if anything the political situation of the puppets in the Green Zone has worsened, and I think it possible that many of these will not return in September after their summer break.

On the domestic front it has had some limited success, at least in Congress. Building on that success, the Greatest General EVAR Petraeus is now call for longer time periods before any evaluation can happen. The NYT and WaPo continue to haul water for the General and for Feckless Leader, printing such Pollyanna-ish Op-Eds as O'Hanlon and Pollack's while distorting their past pro-war, pro-surge cheer leading into being 'critics' of the war.

Michael Schwartz at TomDispatch takes a hard look at the ongoing disaster. It effectively cuts through the bullshit, and also points out the horrible situation of the Iraqi people that all our current and prospective leaders seem determined to continue.

The only hope, perhaps a vain one, that I can see is that the US at some point will be unable to continue, the military breaks or the economy breaks so the war effectively is stopped by outside forces. Clinton, Obama, Edwards, not to mention the Republican clown posse or the corrupt congresscritters of all persuations are not going to due it, barring a miracle. I may be naive enough to hope for miracles, but not enough to believe in them.


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