Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why now?

That's the question that sprang into my mind when I saw this story:

U.S. arrests American over suspected nuclear espionage for Israel

This guy hasn't been active for over twenty years, he was run by the same spy that Pollard was handled by, Yosef Yagur.

Also from Haaretz today:

Jordan's King to ask Bush to defer or cancel trip to Israel

Israel's main defense in the Pollard case was that it was a one-time thing, not an organized espionage strategy against the US. That defense just got shot down, and it leads to the interesting question, how many other spies of this type (Americans spying for Israel inside the US defense establishment) were/are there?

So, is the timing of this story part of a more general push to embarrass the Israelis (and Bush) when Bush is going to Israel for the 60th anniversay? Are there still 'arabist' in the US government?

Or, while I haven't heard of any new push to get Pollard released, if so this would be a way to shut that door. Maybe Feckless Leader was going to give Olmert a Happy Birthday present (Pollard). If so, he better start shopping for something else.


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