Saturday, May 10, 2008

What a trip

It looks like Lebanon has pulled back from the brink, as have the Shiites in Sadr City. Doubtless they all want to concentrate on welcoming Feckless Leader back to the Middle East.

Mr. Olmert too must be happy to see the leader of the free world drop in on him for Israel's birthday celebration. Let's face it, anyone looks good set next to FL, even those on their way out of public office due to bad habits, like accepting suitcases full of cash.

Feckless Leader will also be paying a visit to his (and our) second best friends, the Saudis. Once again he will come begging for lower oil prices, which didn't seem to work out so well after his last visit. But that's George for you, try and try again is his motto, and failure just seems to whet his appetite for more.

Finally, Egypt gets to be visited, and since they are still recipients of American largess, they can't very well say no. Maybe Mubarak will ask George to lower the price of food, but I wouldn't waste my time, if I were he, George will just give him a lecture on the blessings of the free market, which applies to everything but oil.


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