Thursday, June 19, 2008

Four months!

Over four months ago, it seemed certain that the Democrats in Congress would cave in to their fear of Republicans, love of money, and general 'who gives a shit anyway' attitude, and approve telecom amnesty, enhanced surveillance powers, and cheating by the New England Patriots.

No wait, scratch the last one.

But did they cave in then? No, sir. They held out, cheered on by the 'progressive' blogosphere and went on to other stuff, like pork laden agriculture bills. But all these four months, they've been afraid, afraid that not caving in was emboldening those guys being tortured at Gitmo. Afraid also that they would be perceived as untough on foreign policy and national defense, afraid that the Republicans were getting really, but really mad this time. Have you ever seen a mad Republican? They look like John McCain!

So, finally, their courage whittled down to the bone, they've caved. They just couldn't take it any more, Reid caved, Pelosi caved, Hoyer caved, Obama didn't cave, he just got distracted by being so cool. Too cool to cave, but also too cool to show some leadership. Oh, well.

So please, 'progressive' blogosphere, next time don't be such chumps. Try to realize that the Democrats don't listen to you, they don't care about civil rights, torture, kleptocrats, or illegal wars of mass slaughter for the rich guys. They're for the rich guys, all the rest is just talk.


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