Friday, July 18, 2008

Russia's energy drive

M K Bhadrakumar in the Asia Times returns to the big game, the struggle for control of energy resources throughout the world, and the two primary players at the moment, the US and Russia.

He goes through the latest developments:
1. Mendelev's appearance at the G8, and the snub he got from the US, US radar in the Czech Republic, and US military maneuvers in Georgia. The US is also pressing NATO to offer membership to the Ukraine and Georgia.
2. Russia's moves to form energy partnerships with Iran, Libia, Algeria, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.
3. Russia has been cut out of oil deals in Iraq.

So, apart from Iraq, whose oil deals are still of dubious value, at least in the short term, we see Russia pushing ahead with energy cooperation (monopolies, says the US), while the US continues to try to put geo-strategic military pressure on the Russians.

Unless there is an outbreak of war (not impossible in Georgia), the US is committed to an extremely expensive strategy of military domination. Maintaining hundreds of bases around the globe may seem impressive, but with the breakdown of the strategy in Iraq, the money keeps flowing in one direction, out of the US.

With McCain gung-ho for more of the same, and Obama's position unclear, the current moves by the US seem to be creating a fait accompli for the next administration. But unless there is something out hidden out there, the strategy seems doomed to die a slow death from starvation.


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