Monday, September 08, 2008


It's almost uncanny how this election is shaping itself into the form of '04. A brain dead Republican runs against a Democrat who has shackled himself to the failed policies of the past four years (surge! tax cuts! war on terror!) gratuitously, without any need except that of fear and weakness.

Barak Obama is clearly afraid, afraid of his own shadow one might say. When you are afraid to speak out against failed policies, you will be perceived as weak, in fact, you are weak. John Kerry was a poster boy for such weakness, Obama seems to want to make all the same mistakes.

It's almost too late to change now, the FISA capitulation, the sucking up to the surge, the silence on the collapse of the financial system and its rape of the American treasury leave few issues that can make one a leader. That's not look like a leader, Obama, it's be a leader. Leaders have to make people face uncomfortable facts, leaders have to point the way to deal with said facts.

Obama, Americans are so inured to the steady reaming they've been getting, so bloated on the horseshit that is force fed down their throats, that unless you're willing to take a chance, to point out that their future is spinning down the toilet and they and their children are being cornered into serfdom or worse, you might as well give up now. As Vivekananda said, "There is only one sin. That is weakness..."


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