Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Best friends

Pakistan's president, Zardari, used his first trip in office to visit China. Besides the usual trade agreements, and perhaps some direct aid from China, the big question about the visit is whether a civil nuclear deal might be signed.

China has been very cautious in nuclear matters, but the US/India deal might spur them to be less circumspect. Pakistan government desperately needs to show their people that they can keep up with the Jones (India), and the US seems to be doing its best to push them into China's arms.

'Friendship' with the US has led Pakistan well down the road of being a failed state. Their military's enthusiasm for F16 fighters, useful only in case of an all out war with India, keeps them coming back to the US. But such frivolities are becoming more expensive as Pakistan spirals down economically and politically, and the US war continues to rile up the Pashtuns. No wonder Zardari went to China before Washington.


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