Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We'll have fun, fun, fun...

Our own Feckless Leader is evidently going to host the first round of economic 'summits' on Nov. 15 in New York. According to this IHT article, Sarkozy wanted a meeting of the G8, but Bush 'insisted' that other nations were included. The article is remarkable for its fawning tone and puffing up the importance of a dead duck president:
By convening the meeting in Washington, his home turf, and by insisting that leaders from developing as well as developed nations attend, Mr. Bush appeared to be putting himself firmly in charge.

White House officials have said that the president is especially concerned that an attempt to rewrite global financial rules could hurt capitalism and free trade; in her statement, Ms. Perino said the summit agenda would include "an opportunity for leaders to strengthen the underpinnings of capitalism by discussing how they can enhance their commitment to open, competitive economies, as well as trade and investment liberalization."
I'm surprised the article didn't use the adjective 'bold'.

You'd think it was five years ago, when Feckless One sat atop the world in his flight suit. I guess it just hasn't filtered into the brains of NTY reporters like Sheryl Gay Stolberg that the world has changed from those days, and that a reporter can be more than just a White House stenographer. I mean, just take a look at his final report card.


Anonymous Scott G. said...

Always illuminating .... thanks. I like the blacked out doc.

10/22/2008 3:58 PM  

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