Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who's next?

Pakistan today summoned the US ambassador to protest missile strikes on their territory and to demand that the strikes should be 'stopped immediately'.

Syria went to the UN to protest the attack on their soil and killing of civilians. The US said the attack was a 'warning'. Syria pointed out that the US also finds it difficult to control its borders.

In fact, while the US spends a ton of money to unsuccessfully prevent people crossing into the US, in Iraq there is no presence of US (or Iraqi) troops at that border, but the US expects Syria to keep people from crossing into Iraq. It's like the US removes all the fences, border patrols, troops, electronic sensors, etc. and tells Mexico to stop people from crossing. Then when they don't, bomb them.

Whether the attack on Syria spurred the Pakistani protest, or it was just the increase in attacks, it will be interesting to see what happens after the next one. The US seems to have just set up a new doctrine of preemptive bombing of anyone it deems threatening, so we can assume that the protests will be ignored.

Other likely targets include Iran and Lebanon. Somalia is still a war zone for the US, so it doesn't count. Iran remains the big enchilada, the same justification used against Syria could be turned against Iran at any time, even tomorrow.


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