Sunday, November 30, 2008

Be thankful, turkeys

Scott Horton of Harper's, a fine reporter and writer, cannot help skipping down the road to the tune of 'the Reign of Witches is over'.

But it is not so, I fear. The planned continuation of the GWOT, run by Gates and Petraeus with a carte blanche from the White House and Congress, will still require a militarized Homeland along with most of the constitutional outrages that were perpetrated by Bush. The most oprobrious, the military kangaroo court system, Gitmo, and a few others might be curtailed temporarily, but the mechanisms are not going anywhere.

As with the economic dream team that Obama put together, the intelligence/military/homeland security team is a direct continuation of Clinton/Bush policies. Good cop, bad cop, good cop.

Change you can believe in is no change at all, turkeys.


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