Tuesday, November 04, 2008

In praise of barack-billed platitudes

The people have spoken, and Bush lost the election. Duh.

McCain ran a horrible campaign, sucking up to an administration that is despised by 95% of the world, and 75% of the US, picking an idiotarian for VP, clowning around with the bailout, and he still got a goodly percentage of the popular vote. This election has not been a testament to the brain power of the electorate.

President-elect Obama has continued his policy of pronouncing pleasing platitudes for the crowd; he does it very well. Calls for change abound, but from what, and to what, remain in the imagination.

The first key to success for his administration will be the ability to command the operative parts of the national defense apparatus and the Justice Department. Both have been thoroughly corrupted during the last eight years, there will be deeply planted moles in many key locations, and to root them out has to be the number one priority.

Expect major push back from the neo-cons, keeping their shadow government going in an Obama administration will be a sign to all of their inevitable triumph, even as their policies continue to weaken the country.

Going with any of the current cabinet crop, especially Gates, will be a sign of surrender and a display of weakness. The calls of bipartisanship and unity will probably be the rocks on which the new administration will flounder.


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