Monday, December 08, 2008

Afghanistan History 101

This is probably the best historical summary of the last thirty years of war in Afghanistan that I have read. Besides that, the author makes some important points that bear repeating:
  1. When the US invaded, there was virtually no opposition or fighting. The insurgency has come about because of the failure of the occupation to address the concerns of the Afghans, primarily security.
  2. This fits the pattern of US invasions, such as Vietnam, Panama, and Iraq. Destruction of the people and infrastructure is part of the deal. The US does not do nation building anymore.
  3. Most Afghans do not want the Taliban, but they have little choice, since only the Taliban can deliver security.
Unfortunately, it looks like Obama is going to continue the war, and perhaps expand it. This can only lead to more death and destruction, on a larger scale.
(h/t Lenin's Tomb)


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