Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Raising tensions

Does the US want India and Pakistan to go to the brink of war, or beyond?

Reading this NYT article, with half a byline by noted stenographer Eric Schmitt, makes me think that tensions are being intentionally raised, seemingly by the DoD:
A former Defense Department official said Wednesday that American intelligence agencies had determined that former officers from Pakistan’s Army and its powerful Inter-Services Intelligence agency helped train the Mumbai attackers.
Since the anonymous official was formerly of the DoD, it stands to reason that he got his cue to go public and his information from someone still on active duty.

This comes out as Condi pays a visit to India, and can't make her job of calming things down any easier. India has already demanded that 20 fugitives be turned over. Pakistan has already declined. Pakistan has begun implying that India is behind the riots in Karachi, though they started before the Mumbai attack. (Incidentally, the NYT has not reported on the rioting in Karachi, at least according to their news search.)

Once again, the DoD and State seem to be working at cross purposes. Hopefully, this idiocy will end in the Obama administration. And, hopefully it won't be too late.


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