Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shadow war

Russell Tice, an ex-analyst the the NSA said to Keith Olberman on MSNBC that the NSA was spying on everyone in the US, and concentrating on journalists and news organizations. So far, none of the other big media has picked up the story... tick, tick, tick.

As Bernhardt of Moon of Alabama puts it:

According to Tice that was done to all U.S. domestic communication too.

Also according to Tice this was used to spy on special groups like journalists.

I am sure that an investigation will find that other special group includes politician and organized groups like ACLU and that such surveillance was used to blackmail.

The surprise is that despite these efforts some kind of regime change was still able to happen.

What is going to happen now?

A good question that. Another question, that will probably never be answered is, "What really happened?". The Bushies had all the bells and whistles of a criminal gang put into a position of power, and determined to keep it. Yet they were unable to maintain their grip, despite the spying, the free pass from the media, and the obsequiousness of Congress. In my view, there was a shadow war that was fought, not about the goals and means of the National Security State, but rather between a group that tried to take full possession of that state for their own use and profit, and the rest of the bureaucracy that realized that the Bushies were so corrupt and inefficient that they could bring down the whole edifice.


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