Friday, February 20, 2009


If Obama wants to destroy the Pakistan state, he's going about it in the right way, assuming what the NYT says is correct:
With two missile strikes over the past week, the Obama administration has expanded the covert war run by the Central Intelligence Agency inside Pakistan, attacking a militant network seeking to topple the Pakistani government.
Using Predators to take out Pakistani Taliban will only make the government seem more weak, more dependent on the Americans, and convince Pakistanis that their country is little more than a satrapy. When people lose pride in their country, it becomes a losing proposition to fight for it, especially if your foes are local.

This type of escalation is forcing Pakistan into a civil war, whose outcome is anything but certain. With moves like this, the US is losing control, it doesn't gain it, despite what the generals say. I never had much hope in Obama, but what little there was is being thoroughly dashed.


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