Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Suicide mission

Pakistan's political mess seems to be spinning out of control as Zardari approaches martial law, banning protests, including the lawyer's march, and arresting opposition leaders.

To me, Zardari seems to be eminently disqualified to play the role of Musharraf, and some in Pakistan appear to agree with me:
"It's mind-boggling. Zardari seems to view the affairs of state as wheeling and dealing, rewarding cronies and punishing enemies," said Talat Masood, a retired army general. "If he wants to be a dictator, he is sadly mistaken because the army is not going to be behind him. He is on a suicide mission."
Zardari is off visiting Iran, of all places, at present. Upon his return we shall see if he is really going to pick up the gauntlet and set himself up as Musharraf II, or if the army steps in and puts in a more suitable dictator.


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